Who We Are

The Forest Heroes campaign brings together some of the world’s leading advocacy organizations, scientists, governments, and private sector leaders dedicated to making a real difference. Forest Heroes is a campaign of Climate Advisers, a policy and campaigns consultancy working to deliver a strong low-carbon economy.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves as an informal leadership council to help guide the strategic vision of the Forest Heroes campaign.

Jeff Conant – Senior International Forests Program Director, Friends of the Earth-US

Jeff ConantJeff directs FoE’s international forests program, which campaigns to protect forests and the rights of forest-dependent peoples by addressing the economic and political drivers of forest destruction. Prior to joining Friends of the Earth, Jeff ran communications and popular education efforts around climate and development justice with Global Justice Ecology Project, International Accountability Project and other groups, and co-authored A Community Guide to Environmental Health (Hesperian Health Guides, 2008), a comprehensive community education manual that covers issues from basic sanitation to resisting megaprojects and from forestry to food sovereignty, and which has been translated into over a dozen languages.


Bustar Maitar – Director, Forest Campaign, Greenpeace Indonesia

Bustar MaitarFor over 15 years, Bustar has been campaigning for social justice and environmental protection in Indonesia, working with communities on natural resources management. Bustar leads the global Greenpeace team working on protecting Indonesia’s forests. His work has helped transform global commodity markets, shifting corporations such as Nestle, Unilever, Golden Agri Resources, Asia Pulp Paper, and Wilmar International to make no-deforestation commitments. Bustar also led Greenpeace’s efforts to work with the Indonesian government and industry to implement the 2011 moratorium on deforestation.


Nathalie Walker – Senior Manager, Tropical Forests and Agriculture, National Wildlife Federation


Nathalie has over ten years of experience in researching and addressing drivers of tropical deforestation, working for the National Wildlife Federation, the Global Canopy Programme and Oxford University’s Department of International Development. Although she started her career working in tropical forests, recognizing that the greatest threats to forests often lie far outside of them, Nathalie has focused her work in recent years on private sector, civil society and government initiatives to reduce deforestation around the world.


Sharon Smith – Campaign Manager, Tropical Forest and Climate Initiative, Union of Concerned Scientists

Sharon-Smith-150x150Sharon works to reduce emissions from deforestation, with a particular focus on palm oil, by leveraging science and public opinion to help persuade companies and institutions to adopt comprehensive sustainability policies related to tropical commodity supply chains. Previously Sharon worked on grassroots efforts to secure a landmark endangered forest protection commitment from Boise and a climate change policy from Citi. Sharon is the author of The Young Activist’s Guide to Building a Green Movement and Changing the World, and is passionate about nurturing leadership in environmental movements.


Adriani Zakaria – Manager, Aidenvironment

Adri ZakariaAdriani has worked as a campaigner, researcher and auditor, the mainstay of his work being associated with the natural resource management in Indonesia. He has an excellent understanding of the palm oil and forestry industry, a keen sense of legal and policy analysis, extensive experience with field work and working with local communities, local NGOs, as well as with the media, judicial institutions, government and parliament. In addition, he has expertise in legal analysis, spatial analysis and advocacy work.


Tica Minami – Director, Amazon Campaign, Greenpeace Brasil

Tica 2Tica directs Greenpeace Brasil’s campaign to protect the Amazon, the world’s largest tropical rainforest. She is a mother and activist that believes in love and creative indignation as transformative forces of mankind. Since 2001, she has been joining forces with other activists working for a more fair and free world. In addition to her work on forest protection with Greenpeace, she also encourages and promotes other activists and groups aiming to increase democracy, social justice, environmental protection, as well as human and animal rights.


Gemma Tillack – Director, Agribusiness Campaign, Rainforest Action Network

Gemma TillackGemma directs Rainforest Action Network’s campaign to address the role of palm oil in driving rainforest destruction in Southeast Asia. The campaign is focused on shifting demand away from socially and environmentally irresponsible palm oil, creating incentives for the production of responsible palm oil and transforming global supply chains. Gemma previously worked as a Forest Process Coordinator for Environment Tasmania and before that as a Forest and Climate Campaigner with The Wilderness Society Australia.


Josh Buswell-Charkow – Executive Director, Green Corps

Josh-Buswell-Charkow-bw-150x150Josh coordinates campaign partnerships, fundraising, and training programs for the Green Corps Field School of Environmental Organizing, which has graduated more than 350 organizers who are putting their skills to work with groups across the U.S. Before Green Corps, Josh was the Save the Sierra campaigner for ForestEthics, where he worked to shift the logging practices of California’s largest forest destroyer. He also played a critical role in ForestEthics’ successful campaign to convince Victoria’s Secret to adopt one of the most environmentally robust catalog policies ever created.


Staff Leadership

Joel Finkelstein – Managing Director

Joel Finkelstein

Joel Finkelstein is a Managing Director with Climate Advisers, and provides breakthrough strategy and execution for clients and coalitions. He has 19 years of experience creating communications campaigns for good. Before his work with Forest Heroes, Joel served as Senior Vice President and head of the energy and environment practice at Fenton Communications, where he led the nationwide roll-out of the Pew Charitable Trust’s 50-state analysis of the clean energy economy, which has permanently changed the discussion over green jobs in the United States.