Darmex Agro- Green Tigers Index Rankings



Darmex Agro, also known as Duta Palma, is among the 20 largest palm oil companies in Indonesia. In 2013, the company had an oil palm planted area of at least 160,000 hectares. The company also has refinery and biodiesel facilities.

Darmex Agro is an opaque company with no deforestation policy and a reported poor record on environmental matters. The RSPO evicted Darmex Agro in 2013 after it ignored efforts to resolve an RSPO complaint submitted in 2009. In February 2010, Unilever told its suppliers not to source palm oil from Darmex Agro. Presently, most NDPE processors and traders refrain from buying from Darmex Agro.

Having been excluded from the NDPE market, the company appears to be supplying India’s significant leakage market.

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