Forest Heroes Declares Victory, Part I: TONY ROARS!

Huge news here on the Forest Heroes front. For months now Michiganders have been demanding that Kellogg use their relationship with palm oil giant Wilmar to urge the company to improve its sourcing practices to reduce deforestation and habitat loss. And today Wilmar made a landmark new announcement. Here’s the official Forest Heroes press release, along with a couple of photos of Forest Heroes volunteers in Battle Creek and Ann Arbor.

Forest Heroes Declares Victory, Part I: TONY ROARS

Asian Agribusiness Giant Wilmar Announces Landmark New Policies After Kellogg’s Push

Battle Creek, Michigan – Today Michiganders made their power felt halfway around the world, as Asian agribusiness giant Wilmar International announced strong new responsible practices following global outcry about the impact of palm oil on Sumatran tiger habitat and the world’s tropical forests.

“Today, Tony the Tiger’s roar was heard halfway around the world,” said Deborah Lapidus, Forest Heroes Campaign Director. “With a massive boost from the determined advocacy of Michigan communities, Wilmar has announced it will implement a comprehensive policy to protect forests. And we are told a big reason why is that Kellogg’s picked up the phone and demanded action. Thank you, Kellogg’s, for listening to your Michigan neighbors.”

Wilmar’s announcement comes after months of input from Michigan communities and families on Kellogg’s, culminating in a rally and the delivery of thousands of petitions asking Kellogg’s to demand change from its corporate partner, Wilmar. Kellogg’s did just that, and change happened.

Wilmar International’s policy represents a commitment to protect forests and people. Critically, Wilmar’s policy covers not just its own plantations and those of its subsidiaries, but also those of its third party suppliers. Further, it includes strong commitments and realistic, time-limited implementation plans to protect forests, workers, communities, and carbon-rich peatlands. It provides hope to the forests that are home to endangered species like Sumatran tigers, orangutans, elephants and rhinos.

“This is a grrrrrrrreeeat win,” said Emma Hyde, a student at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. “But it’s only Part One. For Part Two, we hope that Kellogg’s will very soon announce its own corporate policies eliminating deforestation and exploitation from its own supply chain. And it’s surreal to say so, but Wilmar gives them a good model to follow.”

Wilmar’s announcement is available online here.

Their policy is available online here.

On December 5, 2013

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