Forest Heroes Dominates Michigan Media

Last week’s Forest Heroes day of action not only generated hundreds of calls to the Kellogg’s headquarters, it also generated a whole lot of buzz in the local media. The hardworking Forest Heroes organizers in Michigan have done an excellent job connecting with local newspapers, television and radio stations to help spread word of the campaign. Here’s a quick rundown of all the great press that’s covered Forest Heroes over the past couple of weeks. 

WYCE-FM 88.1

Ben Cushing, lead organizer in Grand Rapids, was the special guest on WYCE’s weekly “A Watershed Moment” radio program. “We feel like everyone in Michigan has a stake in this issue and should be holding Kellogg’s accountable for the business that they are doing,” Cushing told listeners.

Listen to the interview here.

WILX News 10 

The local station ran a piece about the call-in action on the evening news. Here are some shots of the coverage.




The Battle Creek Enquirer: As we mentioned last week, Kellogg’s hometown paper put the action on the front page, and had a great video to accompany the online version of the article.


The rest of the local media hits follow:

MLive: The website of eight regional papers in Michigan covered the Battle Creek and Grand Rapid actions with an article and a slideshow.

The State News: Michigan State University’s independent voice: Group protests Kellogg Company

Chimes: The official student newspaper of Calvin College: “Students gather petition signatures for Kellogg’s company

Grand Rapids Legal News: “Tiger roams streets of Grand Rapids

The Washtenaw Voice: The paper of the local community college in Ann Arbor ran an article under the headline: “Can Kellogg’s Tony help save other tigers?

The media coverage actually extended outside of Michigan. The industry news site featured Forest Heroes in two different articles last week:

Kellogg wants ‘productive dialogue’ between Wilmar and RAN after palm oil protests

RAN: Kellogg cannot deflect palm oil heat onto supplier

Congratulations to the local Forest Heroes organizers for grabbing the attention of the local media and helping amplify the message of the campaign.

On October 10, 2013

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