Forest Heroes Keep the Heat on Krispy Kreme at Jacksonville Store Opening

Stand in solidarity with the Forest Heroes in Jacksonville, Florida. Sign the petition demanding that Krispy Kreme clean up its palm oil supply chain and help preserve the forest habitat of endangered orangutans and Sumatran tigers.

Another week, another Krispy Kreme store opening, and another chance for Forest Heroes to show the company how serious the public is about palm oil. 

Last week, Forest Heroes organizers and volunteers gathered in New Castle, Delaware and Madison, Tennessee at two Krispy Kreme store openings to educate customers about the truth behind the bubbling palm oil that makes Krispy’s doughnuts “Hot Now.”

This morning, the same scene played out in Jacksonville, Florida, thanks to the support of volunteers from a local advocacy group called the Girls Gone Green. (Update: Girls Gone Green founded Julie Watkins talked about the action at Krispy Kreme and palm oil in general on her podcast, starting around 12:50. She also has a lot more photos of the JAX action below the podcast player.) 

Word from our organizers on the ground is that management was ready for the action, and had alerted police and the Sheriff’s office, all of whom were there in full force.  

There were also at least two local television stations there to document the whole affair. 


After speaking to some patrons in line, volunteers were asked to leave the premises, but were told by the police that they could stand on the public sidewalk in front of the store. 

Several supportive Krispy Kreme customers took the Forest Heroes flyer into the store to hand to the on-duty manager. Here’s one customer’s short account of the reaction she received from the manager:

If you want to support the Forest Heroes in Jacksonville from home, please Tweet out this note:

Deforestation Doughnuts #HotNow @KrispyKreme Grand Opening 

Update: The action in Jacksonville was covered by at least two local media outlets in articles about the events. Here is the First Coast News, and here is the Florida Times-Union on the controversy at the grand opening. 

Find a press release about the event after the jump. 


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Joel Finkelstein

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Jacksonville Krispy Kreme Grand Opening

Doughnut Lovers to Krispy Kreme:

Stop Destroying Rainforests for Doughnuts

Delicious Doughnuts Tied to Endangered Tigers, Orangutans

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Today, at the grand opening of the Krispy Kreme at 7612 Merrill Road, consumer and forest advocates were on hand to call on the doughnut company: stop frying doughnuts in palm oil grown by cutting down rainforests.

“Krispy Kreme doughnuts are delicious, but unfortunately they’re also destructive,” said Shelby White of the Forest Heroes Campaign. “It is bubbling palm oil that makes their doughnuts ‘hot now.’ This palm oil is grown on plantations made by cutting down tropical rainforests and draining carbon-rich peatlands, sometimes using slave or child labor. And it’s pushing Sumatran tigers to the edge of extinction – there are fewer than 400 left.”

The Forest Heroes volunteers were able to speak to several customers waiting in line before being asked to leave the premises. Then, they moved to the public sidewalk, where they held signs and a banner that read, “Krispy Kreme: Stop Destroying Forests for Doughnuts”. Many store patrons were surprised and sympathetic, and offered to share information with store employees.

“It was great meeting fellow doughnut lovers and talking about how Krispy Kreme can make their product better,” said White. “People were really interested in learning more. We know we were asked to leave because Krispy Kreme didn’t want us spoiling the mood by revealing the unappetizing truth. But if they want people to be able to feel good about their doughnuts, they need to stop pretending there’s not a problem and start buying responsible palm oil.”

“It’s not too late for Krispy Kreme to become a forest hero,” said White.

Today’s opening was the third attended by Forest Heroes volunteers in just over a week.  On July 1st, Forest Heroes mobilized at Krispy Kreme store openings in New Castle, DE and Madison, TN.  Photos from all the openings are available at

At, consumers can tell Krispy Kreme to stop driving deforestation. There is also a new analysis,Deforestation Doughnuts, mapping the doughnut industry’s use of palm oil. Today, over half of the global palm oil market is covered by “No Deforestation, No Exploitation” policies. A growing number of consumer brands have adopted responsible palm oil sourcing commitments, including Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Mars, General Mills and many others. But Krispy Kreme’s corporate decision makers continue to buy “no-questions-asked” palm oil from suppliers linked to deforestation like IOI Loders Croklaan.

On July 8, 2014

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