Forest Heroes Organizers Hit Michigan

Four organizers with the Forest Heroes campaign have hit the ground in Michigan, bringing new power to the effort to get Kellogg’s to live up to its Michigan values and stop driving tiger extinction.

The organizers will be based in East Lansing (Michigan State University), Ann Arbor (University of Michigan), Grand Rapids, and Kellogg’s headquarters town of Battle Creek.

They’re eagerly looking for volunteers and interns to help give this campaign a big launch, and you can reach them here:

Lansing, East Lansing, and MSU

Rebecca_Neubardt-croppedBecca Neubardt

office: 517-999-0404

cell: 914-806-0186


Ann Arbor and University of Michigan

Eva_Resnick-Day-croppedEva Resnick-Day




Grand Rapids

Ben_CushingBen Cushing




Battle Creek


Margaret Kran-Annexstein





The organizers are here because Michiganders have a unique opportunity to make a global difference to transform the entire palm oil industry: Wilmar International, the Asian agribusiness giant more responsible than any other company for massive destruction of Asia’s rainforests for palm oil, has launched a huge joint venture with Michigan’s own Kellogg’s, maker of cereal, Keebler’s products, Pringles and others.

photo_2The joint venture threatens to seriously tarnish Kellogg’s Michigan values of responsibility and sustainability: Newsweek ranked Wilmar dead last two years in a row in its sustainability ratings of the world’s 500 largest companies. But it also means that Kellogg’s has unique leverage to influence Wilmar to stop deforestation and save the tiger.

Because Kellogg’s values its Michigan citizenship so much, Michiganders have an especially powerful voice in this debate. With Becca, Eva, Ben, and Margaret on the ground, we’re hoping that grassroots support from Kellogg’s fellow Michiganders will convince the company to return to its Michigan values and end its relationship with Wilmar unless the company stops cutting down the world’s forests.

So we need your help. Contact Becca, Eva, Ben or Margaret now!

On September 4, 2013

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