Forest Heroes Weighs in on African Palm Oil Deforestation for NPR

Earlier this week, NPR covered the spread of palm oil production into Africa — a development that is threatening Great Apes like chimpanzees and gorillas — and our own Campaign Chair offered some thoughts on how the destruction could be slowed. 

From The Salt blog:

As we’ve reported, in response to pressure from environmental groups, consumers and investors, companies like Kellogg and Dunkin Donuts have committed to using sustainable palm oil.

Glenn Hurowitz, the campaign director at Forest Heroes, a rain forest protection coalition, says the African rain forests and the apes that live there can be saved. “I’m cautiously optimistic,” he says. “We’re pushing for companies to adopt no-deforestation policies.”

And some producers are listening. Wilmar and Golden Agri-Resources, both big palm oil producers working in Asia and Africa, have such policies.

Wich says that’s a bit of good news for apes. “There is some progress but it’s going very slowly,” he says. “And oil palm development is happening very fast.”

Forest Heroes will keep working to stop the destruction of forest habitats the world over. 

On July 16, 2014

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