Green Cats 2018 Update: Scoring Palm Oil and Soy Companies on Forest Policies And Transparency

Since 2015, Forest Heroes has assessed the actions of companies in their efforts to adhere to deforestation standards and policies in the palm oil and soy sectors around the world in our “Green Cats” report. In the regions where the last wild endangered tigers thrive– often overlapping with palm oil production– and in the habitats where threatened jaguars live where soy production takes place, we provide analysis on company actions by examining publicly available data to find gaps between policies and progress. By comparing these palm oil and soy production– which sit at the nexus of food production, deforestation, and climate change– we have been able to ascertain which companies are making progress toward achieving globally-recognized policies to reduce their impact on deforestation.

This year was defined by companies’ traceability and transparency policies. These two characteristics provided authenticity for corporations and investors, dividing those who performed well from those who did not. Since companies are only capable of managing their deforestation, peatland conversion, and labor exploitation risks if they transparently measure and monitor their supply chains using traceability, those who prioritized these aspects achieved better outcomes than those without distinct visibility.

The Green Cats 2018 update– Green Tigers for palm oil production and Green Jaguars for soy production– has added one more company to our palm oil analysis for a total of 22 companies, and two more companies to our soy analysis for a total of 7 companies.

Since 2013, an increasing number of the world’s largest agricultural commodity companies have committed to addressing the deforestation impacts that occur in the supply chains associated with the agriculture commodities they produce, refine, transport, and sell. Hundreds of companies have signed pledges to avoid deforestation, to stop the destruction of carbon-rich peatlands, and to cease labor exploitation. These business-as-usual policies are called No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE). The Green Cats 2018 update assesses these NDPE policies along with each agriculture commodity giant’s approach to transparency and traceability of their agriculture products associated with deforestation, peatland destruction, and labor exploitation.

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On December 10, 2018

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