BrasilAgro – Green Jaguars Index Rankings



BrasilAgro, which is owned by Cresud, is a Brazilian rural real estate firm that buys underutilized land to turn into soy, sugarcane, corn and livestock farms and ranches. The company has 11 properties in its portfolio, the majority of which are farms in the Cerrado. Since 2006, it has acquired 266,599 ha of land in Brazil and Paraguay and developed 121,371 ha. From 2012 to 2017, BrasilAgro deforested 21,690 ha in the Cerrado. In late 2018, Chain Reaction Research reported that BrasilAgro has opted to move ahead with plans to clear land on its Chaparral farm in Correntina, a municipality in the Brazilian state of Bahia.

BrasilAgro lacks basic industry-standard policies regarding land-use protection and conservation. Because BrasilAgro’s business is primarily focused on developing properties in the Cerrado, it is critical that BrasilAgro develops a Cerrado conservation policy and join its industry peers by signing the Cerrado Manifesto.

BrasilAgro does provide corporate transparency regarding its operations and activities on the 11 properties it manages. Yet because BrasilAgro lacks firmwide policies for its buying and selling of land leading to conversion and deforestation, it has been accused of land-grabbing by investigative reporters in Brazil.

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