Bumitama Agri – Green Tigers Index Rankings



Bumitama Agri is a rapidly growing palm oil producer with 232,837 ha of oil palm plantations. It is 52 percent majority owned by the Hariyanto family and 32 percent owned by the Lee family’s IOI Corporation.

Bumitama has repeatedly been found to be engaged in deforestation, including on orangutan habitat, as well as the destruction of peatlands. As a result, it has drawn perhaps more scrutiny from NGOs and consumer companies than perhaps any other palm oil grower. Bumitama has engaged in deforestation and illegal operations across many of its plantations. For instance, the company’s Gemilang Makmur Subur plantation in Central Kalimantan was found to be operating without any of the critically required national permits in violation of Indonesia’s Forestry Act, the Environmental Act, and the Plantation Act. The company used an elaborate scheme to mask responsibility for much of its deforestation activity. Numerous complaints filed with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil accuse Bumitama of land-grabbing in multiple communities.

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