Bunge – Green Jaguars Index Rankings



Bunge is among the largest players in Brazil’s soy supply chain. It is the leading soy trader in Piauí, a state in Brazil’s Cerrado biome. Bunge has a public zero-deforestation commitment and excludes suppliers that deforest illegally. Bunge has improved its transparency and commitments in recent years.

In 2018, the traceability of Bunge’s soy supply chains to farms in high-risk regions of Brazil directly sources increased to 95 percent. Along with other industry partners and NGOs, it has co-launched Agroideal.org to support sustainable land development, scenario analysis, and planning to achieve its zero-deforestation commitment. Originally developed for the Brazilian cerrado, the company has now expanded its Agroideal tool to cover the Argentinian Chaco.

However, Bunge continues to source from legally deforested farms. SLC Agrícola and BrasilAgro, two of Bunge’s major soy suppliers, have legally deforested native vegetation in Piauí. Both are confirmed Bunge suppliers.

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