COFCO – Green Jaguars Index Rankings



COFCO lacks an overall inclusive forest policy for soy it produces, trades, or processes that applies to all its global operations including all subsidiaries, all suppliers, and all joint ventures.

However, COFCO’s policy does require those of its suppliers with which it has a pre-financing direct contract to comply with Brazilian Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) and the Amazon Soy Moratorium, to refrain from sourcing from areas cleared of natural habitat after July 2008, and to refrain from sourcing soybeans from land that has been converted from High Conservation Values areas. As of 2017, COFCO had screened 1,002 pre-financed suppliers in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes covering 955,000 ha of soy farms.

COFCO lags behind its peers because it lacks traceability of its soy supply chains. COFCO has no commitment to implement full traceability of its direct and indirect suppliers in this area. This is important because COFCO’s rapid expansion into Latin America has led to frequent and demonstrable accusations of land grabs and deforestation.

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