Grupo Maggi – Green Jaguars Index Rankings



Grupo André Maggi is the largest privately-held Brazilian owned soy producer, and it may be the largest soybean producer globally. As such, Grupo André Maggi has an enormous sphere of influence in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes that can be measured in the millions of ha. In 2019, Grupo Maggi announced several commitments regarding deforestation, land conversion, and traceability of its supply chains. Though some of these are somewhat vague, this announcement represents progress for the company.

While Grupo Maggi has traceability for its Non-GMO certification soybeans, it provides no traceability or dashboard for its direct and indirect suppliers. Furthermore, due to this lack of transparency and traceability of its supply chain it is difficult to assess its 2017 external audit of its commitment to the Soy Moratorium of the Amazon Biome made in 2006.

Grupo Maggi’s is owned by Blairo Maggi, the former Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply who leads the Ruralista political movement in Brazil wanting to remove protection of the Amazon and Cerrado.

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