Sampoerna Agro – Green Tigers Index Rankings



Sampoerna Agro’s 242,000 ha landbank makes the company one of the largest companies in Indonesia. Sampoerna Agro’s policies lag industry standards in many areas. The company, which has an NDPE policy, has commitments to exclude sourcing of raw materials or products from High Conservation Value areas and a similar policy to exclude sourcing of products from lands where burning has been used to clear vegetation. Likewise, the company has a policy to address its use of chemicals. However, Sampoerna Agro lacks policies to exclude development on peat soil regardless of depth and to exclude sourcing from High Carbon Stock forest. The company has no palm oil dashboard and no traceability commitment date.

In addition, in August 2016, Sampoerna Agro was fined $81 million in a civil litigation case by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry regarding fires at one of its concessions. In December 2017, the High Court of DKI Jakarta overruled the verdict rejecting the fine for the forest fires allegedly caused by Sampoerna Agro. In 2019, fires were reported on concession areas of one of its subsidiaries.

Sampoerna Agro is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Its main owner is Sampoerna Agri Resources Pte Ltd, a private Singapore company, which holds two-thirds of the company’s stock, while Dimensional and Bank of Montreal are the top Western investors.

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