Honk ‘n Wave at Kellogg’s Headquarters

On Thursday, Forest Heroes organizers and volunteers gathered outside of Kellogg’s Battle Creek headquarters with some signs and encouraged passers-by to “Honk ‘n Wave” and show their support for rainforest-friendly foods.

Drivers saw and beeped at signs that said: “Honk to save Tony’s friends” and “Honk for the Rainforest.”

We got tons of honks and Kellogg’s employees were craning their necks to see what was going on,” said Battle Creek organizer┬áMargaret Kran-Annexstein. “One Kellogg employee passerby even said ‘Wow it seems like you guys are getting a lot of support.’ ‘YEP wanna sign a petition?,’ I responded.”
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On November 8, 2013

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