Kellogg Expands “No Deforestation” Commitment to Soy and Sugar

A good news update from Kellogg’s headquarters. As reported in the Battle Creek Enquirer, the cereal and snack giant has announced new, expanded sustainability and sourcing commitments, which include carbon emissions reporting and reductions, and more responsible sourcing standards for more of their most common ingredients. 

As described in the Battle Creek Enquirer, Kellogg clearly learned a lot about forests and responsible sourcing from the actions and advocacy of Forest Heroes organizers and volunteers last fall. Check this out:

“Building on a palm oil policy announced earlier this year, Kellogg said it pledged to use soy and cane sugar that wasn’t produced through deforestation or land degradation. Its top three suppliers of palm oil, soy and cane sugar also will be disclosed.”

Big shout out to Oxfam, who has been working to educate Kellogg on these issues for some time now. 

These types of commodity-wide sourcing commitments are exactly what Forest Heroes wants to see more and more companies adopting. So big props to Kellogg’s, and we’ll take this announcement as occasion to celebrate with a rousing, “That’s Grrrreat!”

On September 5, 2014

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