Our Deforestation Doughnuts Campaign Featured in ClimateWire

Last week, ClimateWire published the most in-depth article yet about the makings of our Deforestation Doughnuts campaign, and about our incredible success in transforming “Big Doughnut” as an industry.

Lucky for you, E&E News took the article out from behind their paywall, and ran it as one of their few select public pieces. Even if you’ve been tuned into Forest Heroes throughout the campaign, this is a really interesting “behind the scenes” look at how the Forest Heroes

team worked to get Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme to take responsible palm oil sourcing seriously. 

So check it out: How a small band of activists saved tropical forests by turning around ‘Big Doughnut’ 

And we’ll take any occasion to re-run one of our favorite photos of one particularly fired up young protestor at a Krispy Kreme store opening in Tennessee! 

On February 10, 2015

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