Save Aceh: Indonesian Government Giving Rainforest Away to Industry

We know it’s a busy time of year, but environmental catastrophe doesn’t take a holiday. And that’s exactly what seems to be happening in the Indonesian state of Aceh this very week. Please read this very important plea from Gemma Tillack of Rainforest Action Network to learn more about how some critical Indonesian rainforest is at risk of being essentially given away to the palm oil, forestry, and mining industries. And then do what you can to help.

The Government of Aceh will sign into effect a new land use plan (called the Spatial Development Plan) that would effectively reclassify the region from an area protected for its biodiversity and ecosystem services opening it up for logging, development of oil palm plantations, mining and other forest concessions. This plan is due to be approved by 31 December 2013.

The Leuser Ecosystem provides critical environmental services to several million of Aceh’s people and is home to the Sumatran Tiger, Rhino, Elephant and Orang-utan. If the Spatial Development plan goes ahead the people of Aceh will be significantly impacted and theSumatran Rhino, Tiger, Elephant and Orang-utan will be pushed to extinction.

The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme is leading a united campaign called Save Aceh that aims to put pressure on the Governor of Aceh NOT to sign off on this plan. The Save Aceh campaign also aims to put pressure on the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono via twitter (a platform he uses prolifically) asking him to #SaveAceh #SelamatkanAceh.


If you use twitter then tweet your support for the campaign. It is important that you TAG @SBYudhoyono, @presidenSBY and use #SaveAceh and/ or #SelamatkanAceh.

Here are suggested tweets:

International Tweets:

Encourage the Aceh Governor to nominate Leuser Ecosystem to become a World Heritage Site #SaveAceh #SelamatkanAceh @SBYudhoyono @presidenSBY
Let Governor Zaini know the world is watching. Tell him to protect the Leuser Ecosystem @SBYudhoyono #SaveAceh #SelamatkanAech @presidenSBY
The new spatial plan will threaten wildlife populations with extinction  @SBYudhoyono #SaveAceh #SelamatkanAech @presidenSBY
The new spatial plan will negatively impact the Aceh’s people living downstream  @SBYudhoyono #SaveAceh #SelamatkanAech @presidenSBY
Illegal land clearing and road development happening now in Aceh! Spatial plan not yet approved  @SBYudhoyono #SaveAceh #SelamatkanAech
Species survival depends on saving the Leuser Ecosystem not destroying it for a new spatial plan @SBYudhoyono #SaveAceh #SelamatkanAech
Indonesian Tweets:

Dukung Pemerintah Aceh untuk menjadikan Ekosistem Leuser sebagai Situs Warisan Dunia @SBYudhoyono @presidenSBY #SaveAceh #SelamatkanAceh
Keberlangsungan hidup berbagai satwa liar bergantung pada Ekosistem Leuser yang terjaga dan tidak dihancurkan untuk kepentingan tata ruang baru @SBYudhoyono @presidenSBY#SaveAceh #SelamatkanAceh
Rencana Tata Ruang Provinsi Aceh yang akan disahkan membahayakan hidup masyarakat Aceh serta berdampak negatif pada kehidupan masyarakat Aceh ke depan @SBYudhoyono @presidenSBY#SaveAceh #SelamatkanAceh
Rencana Tata Ruang Provinsi Aceh yang akan disahkan mengancam kondisi keanekaragaman hayati Ekosistem Leuser @SBYudhoyono @presidenSBY #SaveAceh #SelamatkanAceh
Thanks so much, and have a very Happy New Year!

On December 29, 2013

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