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SLC Agricola is the largest publicly-listed soy producer in Brazil. SLC Agrícola is a supplier to Cargill, Bunge, and Amaggi LD Commodities, which together represent a majority of its net revenues.

Until 2020, the company had no commitments to eliminate deforestation from its supply chain, avoiding development on High Conservation Value and High Carbon Stock areas, or achieving certification through the Roundtable for Responsible Soy. This year, the company, under pressure from media and NGOs, said it would commit to zero deforestation by the end of 2020. A campaign by NGO Global Witness targeted the company for its land clearing over the years. Even with its new zero-deforestation commitment, SLC Agricola still said it would move forward with planned land clearing, which is legal under Brazilian law but still damaging for the environment. The company is also against extending the Soy Moratorium into the Cerrado. In 2020, SLC Agricola cleared over 10,000 hectares and also experienced wildfires on its Fazenda Parceiro farm.

SLC Participacoes S.A., a private Brazilian firm, is the company’s majority shareholder, and UK-based Odey Asset Management, Dimensional, and Brazil-based Verde Asset Management SA are other key shareholders. Odey Asset Management has seen increased scrutiny over its holdings of SLC Agricola amid Global Witness’ campaign against SLC Agricola.

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