Tim Hortons Wants to be a Forest Hero Too: Now it needs to turn commitments into policy and action

Timbit lovers rejoice! Tim Hortons has announced that it is going deforestation-free!  

In September, we celebrated the rare “double victory” as both Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme announced strong new deforestation-free palm oil policies, within 24 hours of one another.

Apparently Tim Hortons didn’t want to be the only major North American doughnut shop to serve up sweet breakfast treats with a side of deforestation.

So in late September, the company quietly announced its own commitment to responsible palm oil. The details, from the Tim Hortons’ corporate website:

Tim Hortons will source 100% of the palm oil we book in 2015 from sources verified as supporting sustainable production.  Further, we are working with our product manufacturers, suppliers and other partners on developing a broader, more comprehensive palm oil sourcing policy.

We are committed to deforestation-free, peat-free palm oil sourcing, and protecting both High Conservation Value / High Carbon Stock forests. Our approach also focuses on fair labor practices consistent with International Labour Organization (ILO) standards, traceability and reporting on performance.  We will communicate the results of our collaborative work in our next Sustainability and Responsibility Report.

This commitment is far from perfect — this was a short statement, but not a full policy.  There’s no mention of timelines or an implementation plan, and it lacks some significant details about the sourcing requirements — but it’s a huge step in the right direction. Tim Hortons is, for the first time, publicly committing to zero-deforestation, zero-peat, and protections of high conservation stock and high conservation value forests, as well as labor rights and traceability.

So this is an incredibly encouraging development. Over the summer, our Forest Heroes community put the pressure on the big North American doughnut companies, and in in a couple of short weeks, the entire industry changed. Thanks to all who showed up at Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme events, and who nudged the companies on social media and by email, and showed Tim Hortons what they could expect if they didn’t do right by the forests.

If you have a moment, please take to Twitter to thank Timmy’s for taking the first step, and help nudge them to further action. Click here or copy and paste the sample Tweet below. 

Thanks @TimHortons for taking the 1st step to deforestation-free #palmoil. http://bit.ly/1GubtwQ Now let’s see a full policy with timelines.

We’ll be paying close attention to Timmy’s policies as they turn the announcement into action, and will keep you posted on how things develop. Thanks again!

On November 11, 2014

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