Forest Heroes Urge Dunkin’ Donuts for Responsible Palm Oil at Shareholders Meeting

Yesterday, Forest Heroes organizers and volunteers gathered outside of the Dunkin’ Donuts shareholders meeting in Quincy, Massachusetts, calling on the company to become a Forest Hero by committing to a strong responsible palm oil sourcing policy, completed by the end of next year. The action was supported by partners at SumOfUs and Union of Concerned Scientists.

As we wrote Monday, Dunkin’s Donuts are fried in palm oil — in fact, it’s the second ingredient listed after flour.  Dunkin’ buys from Cargill and Bunge, suppliers that have a “no questions asked” approach to palm oil sourcing, meaning that your glazed or old-fashioned or Boston creme could be fried in palm oil that comes from rainforest destruction. Fortunately, the company has said it will soon have responsible palm oil policies in place.  As the CEO, top corporate executives, board members, and shareholders gathered for the company’s annual meeting, we were there to show consumer support for Dunkin’ going deforestation-free and exploitation-free.

Our incredible volunteers were decked out for the big meeting in tiger ears, tails and bowties — and accompanied by a full size tiger, drawing attention to the need for urgent action on the part of palm oil buyers like Dunkin’ in order to save the last remaining 400 Sumatran tigers whose homes are being cleared to make way for palm oil plantations. 


The group stood by the road leading up to the hotel where the meeting took place, holding banners and handmade signs, and as the shareholders drove in and passed by, many waved and showed positive signs of support. 

Forest Heroes Campaign Director, Deborah Lapidus, went inside the meeting, and was pleased to hear CEO Nigel Travis state that the company is determined to be a leader in sustainability.  She had the chance to deliver a statement and ask a question of the CEO about Dunkin’s policies on palm oil sourcing. Afterwards, company leaders assured Deborah that Dunkin’s new palm oil policy is in the works, and said they are working with World Wildlife Fund to ensure that it’s strong. They acknowledged the important role that consumer interest has in driving the company’s sustainability priorities, and affirmed that they have been hearing from consumers that responsible palm oil sourcing is important to them. 


So, there we have it.  We know that Dunkin’ pays attention to what consumers want, and that our message is having an impact.  Let’s make sure to keep it up!  Tell Dunkin’ that you don’t want donuts that our doused in rainforest destruction:

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On May 7, 2014

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